Donnelly Mitsubishi Presents Upcoming Models

The All-New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Coming Soon to Donnelly Mitsubishi in Ottawa

Like the name implies, the launching of the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is a rare event. Fortunately for auto lovers and Mitsubishi enthusiasts around the world, this is just the beginning. 


In the Eclipse Cross, stylish coupe lines blend seamlessly with the athletic movement of a crossover. The result: a revolutionary vehicle like nothing we have produced before.





Outlander PHEV

The Revolutionary Plug-in Hybrid SUV


The world's first plug-in hybrid SUV drives like no other car on the planet. Twin electric motors and a highly efficient petrol engine optimise performance according to how you want to drive. It's pure bliss.


Smooth, quiet, comfort with abundant power to tackle off-road terrain with highly efficient purpose. Go beyond the boundaries of ordinary driving. There's more to enjoy and discover.

The Outlander Phev at Donnelly Mitsubishi in Ottawa

Smooth Linear Response


The Outlander PHEV responds faithfully to every command to keep you in total control. Innovative Twin Motor 4WD teams with S-AWC to supply optimal torque and traction to each wheel, now with more responsive acceleration during EV driving. So you enjoy smooth, powerful acceleration and sure, stable handling in all road conditions.


Tomorrow's EfficiencyToday


The innovative Plug-in Hybrid EV system is remarkably eco efficient. Enjoy zero fuel consumption and zero CO2 emissions during all-electric driving, as well as an incredibly quiet ride.


Or enter a hybrid mode to travel even greater distances with low emissions and an impressive 1.7 litre/100 km combined fuel efficiency. You can even generate electricity as you drive to enjoy vast stretches of wilderness with total confidence.

The Outlander Phev at Donnelly Mitsubishi in Ottawa

Complete control at your fingertips


The innovative energy management of the Outlander PHEV can operate completely automatically, or manually adjusted to suit your journey.


The Outlander Phev at Donnelly Mitsubishi in Ottawa

On demand 4 wheel drive

Just because the conditions get challenging doesn’t mean the driving should, whether it's bad weather or taking the trip off-road.

The Outlander Phev at Donnelly Mitsubishi in Ottawa

EV Priority mode

Engage Pure-EV mode and the Outlander PHEV will run solely on electricity until the battery is empty.

The Outlander Phev at Donnelly Mitsubishi in Ottawa

Charge and save

Tell the gas motor to charge the battery or save the battery charge for later.

The Outlander Phev at Donnelly Mitsubishi in Ottawa

Electronic parking brake

Ultra convenience and safety replaces the old style handbrake for effortless parking.

The Outlander Phev at Donnelly Mitsubishi in Ottawa

Regenerative braking

Capture the energy created from braking to charge the battery during normal driving. Adjust on the fly with steering wheel mounted paddles.

The Outlander Phev at Donnelly Mitsubishi in Ottawa

Full Entertainment

Control audio, navigation, phone calls and cruise control all without taking your hands off the steering wheel.


Technology For All Around Safety


Advanced safety technology supports safer, more confident driving, on the road and in parking lots, day and night. From intelligent sensors that track your surroundings and warn you of danger to active driving assistance and solid passive protection, the Outlander PHEV delivers all around high levels of safety.


Want To Pre-order The Eclipse Cross or Outlander PHEV?


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Once we know the expected delivery dates and prices we will invite you to Donnelly Mitsubishi to take a test drive. At that point we'll talk about the financial details and confirm your order.